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Trent McGee

Off Road Professional, Guide, Pathfinder & Builder

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Trent has been living and breathing dirt for over 25 years. Starting off as an enthusiast in high school and college, he was able to parlay his interests and hobby into a career, becoming a staff writer for 4x4 Power Magazine and later Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine. The magazine experience provided a solid foundation not just in the nuts and bolts of various 4x4s, but also a ton of seat time on trails all over the Southwest. Trent was invited to take part in the very first Ultimate Adventure in 1999 and has been involved in the event ever since, which has enabled him to go four-wheeling in nearly every state in the union. The UA experience parlayed into doing the route planning and guiding for Ultimate Adventure since 2017. Trent eventually transitioned to the marketing side of things, serving as Marketing Director for a number of well-known manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket, most of which are focused on products and accessories for off-road enthusiasts. Trent also served as host and co-producer of Superlift’s Off-Road Adventures, a magazine-style nationally televised 30-minute show that covered off-road events all over the country as well as hands-on how-to technical segments and vehicle builds. Trent started his own marketing company in 2012 and still works with different brands in the off-road industry. In addition to marketing, Trent has a small automotive wiring business and specializes in re-wiring classic cars and trucks as well as upfitting more modern vehicles with things like lighting, inverters, and auxiliary batteries. In addition to writing hundreds of articles as a staff writer and freelancer for several off-road magazines, Trent is the author of the 4x4 Suspension Handbook and is currently completing a second book on rebuilding popular Jeep transfer cases.


Thanks to the UA experience and having spent about a decade in the South before relocating back to his native Arizona, Trent has been spent a lot of time in the wide variety of terrain predominate in different regions of the country. Each type of terrain requires a slightly different driving approach and sometimes even unique vehicle requirements in order to be successful, and being able to read and adjust to the terrain at hand is something that only comes with experience. Having done everything from overland-style long-distance dirt expeditions to hardcore rock trails and even some desert racing, Trent is pretty much at home anytime the paved road ends. In addition to playing in the dirt, Trent spends a ton of time in his shop, building , maintaining, and modifying his small fleet of 4x4s, which currently consists of three Jeeps, a Scout, and a Ram truck. Though he loves anything with two drive axles, he’s pretty much a Jeep guy at heart.

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