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The K9 Emergency and 1st Aid courses are beyond a standard class, they're a mission! We are very passionate about the content and message when caring for our canine companions. The enduring energy, drive and curiosity can put our closest partner(s) in harm's way. You are the first line in ensuring the best outcome when the unexpected happens. Be ready, be prepared and learn the best strategies for keeping your K9 safe. 

Types of K9 1st Aid & Emergency Care Courses

2 Hour K9 1st aid & Emergencies Basic

A great course for the getting familiar with the basics of canine anatomy, emergencies and treatment strategies for the most common calamities. Basic vitals sign skills practice included, equipment usage is didactic not tactie. 

$75 in-person pre scheduled courses(see calendar)

$100 in-person, minimum 4 participants, plus travel outside of Denver area

$120 on-line, minimum 1 participent

$200 one-on-one, travel outside of Denver area additional


* This course can be attended on-line or in person

8 hour k9 1st Aid & Emergencies Course


All of the information that is found in the 2 hour basic K9 Emergencies course with the great bonus of tactile practice with equipment, med administration, carrying, surgical stapling, CPR and getting proficient with acquiring baseline vital signs. 


$120 in-person pre scheduled courses(see calendar)

$120 in-person, minimum 4 participants, plus travel outside of Denver area

$500 one-on-one, travel outside of Denver area additional, course with one participant usually is 4-5 hours

* This is a in person or one-on-one course only


Tel. 123-456-7890

Fax. 123-456-7890

500 Terry Francois Street, 
San Francisco, CA 94158


Always the most impactful training is face to face. Many of the life saving skills are best practiced in-person. Plus you can learn with your own well behaved canine companion. This is a must for the K9 Emergencies Advanced Course.



On-line is great way to experience the basic course. Interactive and can be attended remotely at a location of your choice. This option is only available for the 2 hK9 Emergencies Basic Course.



If you're looking for a focused presentation 1 on 1 this can be done depending on location. This type of training also offers the most ease of scheduling as well.  

Q: Can I bring my dog(s) to the K9 Emergencies Care Course?

A: Yes, no...maybe?! Your experience will be enhanced greatly if your canine companion can attend the course. Practicing your assessment skills on your own pup is ideal. Especially when we go over pulse locations and do skills practice. However, your dog MUST be able to be around other dogs and people without the danger of them biting or being a major disruption. If your companion is not a social beast we suggest you request an on-line or one-on-one course. 

Q: Is this course for puppy's or just full grown dogs?

A: Training at any age for your dog is great. Although many of the assessment strategies and equipment used will be focused towards full grown dogs. You will just know that upon completion of the course that further focus and practice of your new skills will need to be re enforced as your canine grows into their paws.

Q: Should I sign-up for both the 2 hour basic and the full 8 hour K9 Emergency Course? 

A: Probably not. The 8 hour K9 Emergency Course covers everything in the basic course with skills practice interlaced with the didactic sections.


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Planning on attending any of the 4 Overland Expos in 2023? Sign-up for our 2 hour Backcountry Dogs Emergency Course on Sundays as part of your Expo experience. Bring your adventure dog!

Overland Expo West  May 19-21, 2023  Flagstaff, AZ 

Overland Expo PNW  July 7-9, 2023 Redmond, OR 

Overland Expo Mtn West August 25-27, 2023 Loveland, CO 

Overland Expo East  October 6-8, 2023 Arrington, VA

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