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These K9 heroes known as Search & Rescue Dogs utilize they're amazing natural attributes to save people, stop crime, secure our safety and brunt dangers in our stead. This course is for those seeking the knowledge regarding the  basics, backgrounds and the making of these amazing dogs!


SAR K9 Attributes and Characteristics

This is where it all starts! The evaluation process to choice of breed. Take a look at what K9 handlers consider when choosing a search & rescue dog candidate. How and why the  assessment is key to choosing a hero dog. 


History of Service

A celebration of service from prehistory to current, dogs have been guardians, rescuers, hunters and helpers. Our two species are the perfect partnership for our survival and public service. 


Disciplines & Search Styles

Search & Rescue K9's have their specialties. We call it their discipline. This is how they prefer to search and what they are really good at. Explore the wide variety of these search styles and how the dogs master their skills. 


SAR K9 Accreditation

Nationally recognized search & rescue dogs and handlers go through a rigorous training, evaluation and ultimitally testing. All in the quest to be be acknowledged and able to work nationally on disasters, crime scenes, in public safety rolls and rescues. 


SAR K9 Equipment & Accoutrements

Search & Rescue Dogs are well equipped, and not just with their natural talents. K9's have specialty equipment that suits the area and environment that they work in and items that support the discipline that they wield. 


Mission Strategies

Learn and go through a common mountain rescue scenario to see how search & rescue K9's are utilized and work with other assets of a search effort. SAR dogs can be a powerful allie and team multiplier when a life is in danger and search areas are vast. 



Always the most impactful training is face to face. Plus one of our search & rescue dogs may attend!



On-line is great way to experience this course. Interactive and can be attended remotely at a location of your choice. 



This is a great course to add on to the end of one of the Canine Emergency Care Courses!



If you're looking for a focused presentation 1 on 1 this can be done via an on-line presentation or in-person depending on location. 


The Search & Rescue K9 Course generally is a 90-120 minute course. These times can vary on audience participation and number of students. Standard in person courses with demonstration typically go the entire 2 hours. A 60 minute abbreviated course can be presented for elementary school audiences as a 2 hour course is usually too long. Elementary and High School courses go the full time as kids are the dogs most enthusiastic fans!


IN PERSON COURSE(group 4+) - $50 per person plus travel if outside central Colorado area, group discount apply with 4 or more  participants       ON-LINE COURSE - $100 per person, group discount apply with 4 or more participants

ONE ON ONE - $200 plus travel if outside Denver, Colorado area

ADD TO EMERGENCY CARE & 1ST AID Course - $50 per person, group discount with 4 or more participants 

ELEMENTARY & HIGH SCHOOLS - FREE for in-person in the central Colorado area or via ZOOM meeting anywhere!


Ready to check availability for this course? Call us at 720.307.3931, email at or schedule on-line at our booking calendar. The Search & Rescue K9 Familiarization Course is not always represented as a stand alone course on the calendar. So please contact us for special scheduling.


Q: Will this course make me and my dog ready and qualified to be a search & rescue dog team?

A: No, this is simply a familiarization course. Information is very foundational  for those considering a commitment in service for you and your dog. And for knowing the many dynamics and ingredients that create search & rescue handler & K9 teams. It takes a lot of work and several years to become a SAR K9 TEAM.

Q: Can your  K9's do a demonstration of their skills during an in person course?

A: It depends. If the environment and situation works for their specific discipline, then yes!

Q: Can you evaluate my dog to see if they are a good candidate to be a search dog?

A: Yes and no. That is not the focused intention of the course as evaluations are done over time and in varied situations and environments. However, the Search & Rescue K9 Course does thoroughly cover working breeds, attributes and desired characteristics. This will likely help you gauge if you want to pursue  this awesome partnership. 

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