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Medical Event, Race & Individual Support

Competent and experienced medical care and recognition of what is an emergency is keystone in creating a safer environment for your race team, event or adventure. Although we greatly respect our emergency services brethren, many times remote situations are not easily supported by local agencies due to logistics and resources. Having an at point provider anticipating and evaluating the situation can be the critical element in keeping an emergency from devolving into a tragedy. 


Expectations & Services

Costs & Compensation

Hiring a backcountry paramedic base cost is $500 per 24 hour period. Situations that may merit additional cost are event and participant count, travel costs, specialized equipment requirements and usage, Hoplite Venturetrek vehicle necessity and lodging requirements. Every race, event or adventure has it's own dynamics to best serve the medical support requirements. Be prepared to address the following when submitting a request below: 

*Dates *Location(s) *Duration of Event  *Type of Event *Participant Demographics *Expectations             


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