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Backcountry events, corporate and private groups can fulfill their off highway adventures with the security off enlisting an experienced and skilled guide. We specialize in Colorado, Utah & Arizona. However, can can be enlisted for other regions given forward planning. 


What makes for a superior off road trip? Simply awesome guides with world class experience and knowledge. Experiencing  an event that is fun, memorable  and safe as possible resides in the superior acumen of your guide. This is definitely the "been there and done it crew". Follow this link to learn about our Off Road Guides


We equally guide for both private, event and corporate groups. A partial list of clients include:

Spike TV - Jeep - Skyjacker Suspension - Metal Cloak -  4 Wheeler Magazine - Dirt Sports Magazine - 4 Wheel & Off road

Discovery Channel - Camp Jeep - Destination Wild TV - 4X4 Extreme TV - Nitto Tire - Off Road Adventures TV 

Falken Tire - Truck Hero - Ultimate Adventure - JP Magazine - Tuff Country Suspension - All 4 Fun - 4 Wheel Parts - Mastercraft Safety - Quadratec - Truck Hero Group


The most obvious attribute of hiring a guide is letting us take care of the logistics. Even in this age of GPS and satellite navigation an experienced guide is a huge safety net. We know the areas, current trails conditions, secret locations and alternative routes that frequently do not appear on basic mapping. 


Medical issues occasionally happen during off road treks. By no means are we a mobile emergency room. However, Clifton Slay is a National Registered paramedic and very experienced in search & rescue and back country emergencies. If there is an issue, you're in good hands. A section of your pre-trail survey will cover pertinent medical history. 


Communications is a huge component of off highway exploration.  We recommend that your vehicle is equipped with a General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) radio. Either hand held, base or combination. Or a Family Radio Service (FRS) radio, which is a common and inexpensive alternative.  Your guide will have the ability of communicating on either. For small groups FRS radios can be provided if necessary. 


 We will guide you into the best position to avoid a calamity, but mechanical break downs do happen. We have saved , patched and welded  many, many, many broken machines in the rocks, mud and sand. If you have a break down we will do what can be done to get your machine back to payment. But show up with a vehicle that is equipped  for the adventure you signed up for and is well prepped. Part of your initial sign-up will require a  vehicle survey. This will help us cater to you and your  vehicles capabilities and minimize a repair situation. 


On rare occasion we have vehicles that experience catastrophic failures. Our goal is for you to have a safe and memorable experience without breaking your off road vehicle.  If feasible, we can patch together and tow your vehicle to pavement or a staging area to be towed out. If a vehicle needs to be left over night we will get your person back to civilization, and help coordinate your vehicles extrication. 


Compensation for guide services vary as there are many variables. However, base single day for 10 vehicles or less on a know trail is $600 per day. 11+ vehicles may require additional staffing depending on the length of travel and difficulty  of terrain. Cost projection is always a conversation, we will formulate a solid cost prior to final scheduling. A 20% deposit is required to save the date(s). 

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Q: What is the smallest group that you can guide?

A: We have escorted a singular (1) vehicle and crew on trips. Although less common, this can be a great option for clients seeking a more nimble and quieter experience.

Q: What is the largest group that you can guide?

A: The largest we've accommodated is 89 vehicles. This caravan stretched over 5 miles of trail winding through the red dirt of Utah.  A group of this size requires additional logistics, permits, guides and cost. It can be done, and will be memorable!

Q: I don't have an off road vehicle, but would love to experience the world off pavement. How can I do this?

A: We would have a conversation exploring areas you want to see and expectations for your adventure. Many areas have off road vehicle rentals that we partner with so that this request can be accommodated. If you're new to off road driving we may suggest you attend one of our Off Road Fundamentals courses prior. Or schedule private instruction during the the same excursion before hitting the dirt.


Q: The trip and trail images on the website, instagram and Facebook look extreme.  Do you offer guided trails that are not death defying? 

A: Yes! Although we have galvanized our off road prowess on the most challenging off road trails. We will cater and recommend  an experience that suits  the adventure you're seeking. Most clients request scenic with some learning challenges. No worries, we can do that. 

Q: How long are the trail days?

A: This varies. Most excursions we plan for 6-8 hour seat time with many scenic stops, conversations and pictures  in between. This can be shortened of course and sometimes can be longer if there is a vehicle break down or an unforeseen  event. 


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