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The Off Rod Fundamentals Course is the ultimate for new off roader and those more seasoned wheelers that want to hone their skills with professional dirt pilots. This vocational backcountry experience is a foundational exposure class that is a combination of field classroom and hands on trail skills. We start from the basics and work towards elevating you to a working comfort level in trail driving, recovery, communications, navigation and field fixes. Plus a lot of wisdom from our Rock Star instructors!

Jeep dynamics and limits

Vehicle Familiarization & Walk Around

We do a personal walk around of your off road machine and explain suspension, drivetrain, wheelbase, tire type and engine advantages and disadvantages for varied environments. We will suggest upgrades and modifications that fit your off road traveling goals. 

off road driving and spotting Hoplite Venturetrek

Spotting & Being Spotted

Safe and effective techniques that are universally practiced with off road professionals and enthusiasts for spotting and being spotted. Non verbal communication, hand signals and appropriate  body positioning is keystone. 

winch recovery Hoplite Venturetrek

Recovery Theory & Application

Getting stuck or being in a precarious situation is an inevitability. Knowing your recovery equipment and how to and how not to utilize it is an absolute must. Learn recovery straps, winches, jacks, anchors and multi pitch recoveries and techniques. 

off road welding Hoplite Venturtrek

The Basics of Trail Repair

How to plug or change your tire, repair radiators, fix suspension and steering components. Diagnose minor to major trail problems, to fix or rig it together. Even the basics of field welding. We also cover what's going to break on your specific vehicle and how to drive it or upgrade to avoid those calamities. 


Trail Communications

Backcountry communication devices are a lot better and farther reaching tthen back when everyone used citizen band (CB) radios. We cover from basic FRS handhelds, base units, GMRS , satellite radios to Starlink. Also radio edicate between other fellow travelers to emergency services. 


Trail Day(s) & Stewardship

The best part of this course is getting on the rocks and dirt to gain acumen with your new skills. We travel as a convoy through trails with instructors reenforcing driving, recovery and spotting techniques. We trail ride everyday to bolster your skills and get great pictures of our journey!

off road recovery equipment Hoplite Venturetrek

Recovery Equipment Brands & Uses

Course covers the individual types, uses, best practice and design attributes of standard recovery tools. A complete discussion includes brand types along with advantages and disadvantages. Then we put these tools to work. 

backcountry medical emergency care Hoplite Venturetrek

Backcountry  Medical

What is an emergency and what's not? We cover best practice and basic equipment for stabilizing care and basic assessments. Plus, how to contact emergency services and what they want to know to get higher medical to you. 

off road instructor guide Hoplite Venturetrek

One on One Driving Instruction

Some training needs to be individualized. For courses that include trail days instructors will personally ride or give drivers strategies and vehicle operation wisdom before surmounting obsticles and challenging sections of the trail. 


Rock Star Instructors

Our Instructors have  unprecedented experience in all aspects of off road. All with unique personalities, experiences and backgrounds. And all with a unified expert level ability to pass on their seasoned knowledge.  Visit the instructors BIOs here!

cliff hanger trail moab.jpg

Train on Area Trails

We train in local areas on know trails and OHV areas. Plus sometimes we go on areas rarely traveled except by locals. Get familiar with trails and areas so that you can return with confidence. 

ultimate adventure alaska denali national park.jpg

Join the Community with Solid Skills

Our goal is to bestow exceptional and safe skills for you to travel the backcountry and have great adventures! Contributing to the off road community as a steward of the land and safely navigate many areas that are not easily accessible.  

C.Kellar, California 

 "I had an amazing week in Moab, with three days of off-road training by @hoplite_venturetrek. I’m still in awe that we got to hang out and learn from such and amazing team" 

M.Kay, Colorado

"had the amazing opportunity to do the Off-road Fundamentals course, it was absolutely amazing. Learned awesome skills, met amazing people, and had a great weekend. As a young woman coming into the world of off-road and finding my confidence in and around my vehicle, I believe this is a course that everyone should take. I can now confidently say that when, not if, when I get stuck in a bad situation, I have the tools to take care of myself and others around me"


The next scheduled Off Road Fundamentals courses are show here. Click on the placard below for additional details. You may book your own class independently in a group or individually. Contact us to set a date!


During your Off Road Fundamentals Course we take care of the navigation. We will travel as a group to different locations daily for fresh scenery and to practice your new skills. We know the areas, current trails condition and the best places for hands on interactive training . 


Medical issues occasionally happen during off road treks. By no means are we a mobile emergency room. However, Clifton Slay is a National Registered paramedic and very experienced in search & rescue and back country emergencies. If there is an issue, you're in good hands. Also, part of your communications training will involve techniques in communicating with emergency services in a back roads emergencies. 


The most obvious attribute of hiring a guide is letting us take care of the logistics. Even in this age of GPS and satellite navigation an experienced guide is a huge safety net. We know the areas, current trails conditions, secret locations and alternative routes that frequently do not appear on basic mapping. 


The goal of the Off road Fundamentals Course is NOT to break your own or rented vehicle. We will guide you into the best position to avoid a calamity, but mechanical break downs do happen. We have saved , patched and welded  many, many, many broken machines in the rocks, mud and sand. If you have a break down we will do what can be done to get your machine back to payment. But show up with a vehicle that is equipped  for the adventure you signed up for and is well prepped. Part of your initial sign-up will require a  vehicle survey. This will help us cater to you and your  vehicles capabilities and minimize a repair situation. 


On rare occasion we have vehicles that experience catastrophic failures. Our goal is for you to have a safe and memorable experience without breaking your off road vehicle.  If feasible, we can patch together and tow your vehicle to pavement or a staging area to be towed out. If a vehicle needs to be left over night we will get your person back to civilization, and help coordinate your vehicles extrication. 


Pre-scheduled experiences have unique pricing that are specific to that event. Please click on the labeled state buttons above to see. One-on-one or private group compensation for the Off Road Fundamentals course vary as there are many variables. Location, time of year, expectations and number of participants and vehicles. However, base single day for 1 or more vehicles(2 adult passengers)on a know trail starts at $400 per day. 10+ vehicles will may require additional staffing depending on the length of travel and difficulty  of terrain. Cost projection is always a conversation, we will formulate a solid cost prior to final scheduling. Cost per day will lower in scale with additional participants. A 20% deposit is required to save the date(s). 


The next step is to fill out the message block at the bottom of the page, email, call or contact us on our social media accounts to schedule a course! Please be prepared to know the following:

- What date(s)?

- How many vehicles and participants?

- What region or event?

- Expectations?


One-on-one is a great option for a course that focuses on your experience, vehicle and learning style. Plus can be done in 1-2 days and can be scheduled with more flexibility



Planning on attending an off road event in our region? You can schedule an Off Road Fundamentals Course before-during-after the event. Or jump into a group course already scheduled. This is a popular option to enhance your event experience and hone your skills to be a more prepared backcountry navigator. 



Group courses can be scheduled year round in Colorado, Utah and Arizona. This is the most cost effective course, creates the most camaraderie and allows everyone to learn from each other's style and vehicles. 


Q: I have a stock vehicle with no modifications or off road driving experience. Is the Off Road Fundamentals Course too advanced for me?  

A: This course is absolutely the correct place to start. Off road driving experience and a modified vehicle are not required. You will be submitting a pre-course survey to be sure we cater the course to where you and your 4X4 are at. 

Q: I have an all wheel drive car/SUV or UTV. Can I still attend?

A: Yes, the fundamentals are the same no matter the drivetrain or body configuration. High clearance AWD or SUV required though.

Q: I am unsure if I have appropriate recovery points, how do I know? 

A: This can be a post course submission conversation, you can send an image of your vehicle or have a FaceTime walk around to be sure your vehicle as the appropriate provisions.

Q: I don't have a winch, radios or recovery equipment. Can I still attend?

A: Yes, we have equipment to demonstrate the uses of these trail components. However, your experience will be enhanced by having hands-on with your own accoutrements. We have a recommended manufacture list that will be sent to you as part of your vehicle survey and admittance forms.

Q: How many people can ride along in my vehicle? 

A: Typical admission is 2 people. However, there are scenarios with family units and dependents where the event can still accommodate your situation. When you fill out your vehicle survey request and state your wishes.

Q: I would like to attend this course, but can't make the posted dates. What can I do? 

A: You can request dates that you are able to be in the area. Individual and small group classes can be be organically created prior or post scheduled dates.


Request a Course

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