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Off Road Fundamentals Reno, Nevada 
September 9th & 10th


This course is setup in very close proximity to Reno. We traverse and navigate through several local OHV areas and mountain trails taking on new skills to allow you to explore with confidence. The September 9th-10th course is placed during a moderate weather window for the area with easy access to the amenities and lodging of Reno. This is a 15 vehicle max event. 



Dates: September 9th & 10th

Participant maximum: 15 vehicle spots only, 2 instructors

Location(s): Reno, Nevada Moon Rocks, training areas are organic depending on weather and area conditions

Cost: $400 per vehicle(covers attendance for 2 day course and event vehicle flag)

Course times: Morning meet up at 9:00AM, end of day approximately 5:00PM


Vehicle: 4 wheel drive in good working condition(vehicle questionnaire will be emailed to you)

Spare Tire: Your 4X4 must have an extra tire and wheel incase you have a failure

Recovery Points: Front & rear attachment locations 

Current Registration & Insurance: These will be verified at check-in 

Safety Cage: Soft top vehicles must have a safety provision or roll cage

Working Seatbelts: Securing belts must be in good working order

Food: The course is not catered, food for lunch, dinner and extra snacks suggested as course length per day can be unpredictable

Clothing: Be sure your attire matches the weather conditions of the area and season, we work outside the vehicles a lot and average temperature expected to be 75 degrees, lows in then 50's 

Gloves: Heavy working gloves(winching style or leather)for working with recovery equipment, be sure they fit


Communications: Cell phone, GMRS or FSR radio

Antenna or flag mount: You will be provided an event flag that helps identify your vehicle and promotes safety in the sand dunes

Head Covering & Sun Block: Our troop spend a lot of time in the elemnts


Animal Companions: We love trail dogs, but the trail can be a dangerous place inside and outside of the vehicle. If you'd like to        bring your canine we just need to have a conversation in their regard prior to confirmation of course inclusion

Children Under 5: We love kids too, but the trail, day conclusion and weather can be unpredictable

Tires smaller than 27": Although not a deal breaker, tires smaller than 27" are likely going ensure some vehicle rocker and              undercarriage scratches and damage


Alcohol and Drug Usage: Impairment as the driver or passenger puts everyone in danger

2WD Vehicles: 4 wheel drive and the vehicles ability to select a low range is a minimum requirement  

Guns or Weapons displayed on person: We respect the right for personal protection, but public display of weaponry can change the    group dynamic

Unfriendly Animal Companions: Excessive barking or biting or vicious animals cannot attend. Legitimate working dogs and support      animals do not display these behaviors


Recovery Equipment: If you have your own recovery equipment we can evaluate it and instruct in its best use. If not, we will provide  ropes, straps and securing hardware

Your rockstar instructors for this Off Road Fundamentals course are:
*Clifton Slay *Harry Wagner

Q: I have a stock vehicle with no modifications or off road driving experience. Is the Off Road Fundamentals Course too advanced for me?  

A: This course is absolutely the correct place to start. Off road driving experience and a modified vehicle are not required. You will be submitting a pre-course survey to be sure we cater the course to where you and your 4X4 are at. 

Q: I am unsure if I have appropriate recovery points, how do I know? 

A: This can be a post course submission conversation, you can send an image of your vehicle or have a FaceTime walk around to be sure your vehicle as the appropriate provisions.

Q: I don't have a winch, radios or recovery equipment. Can I still attend?

A: Yes, we have equipment to demonstrate the uses of these trail components. However, your experience will be enhanced by having hands-on with your own accoutrements. We have a recommended manufacture list that will be sent to you as part of your vehicle survey and admittance forms.

Q: How many people can ride along in my vehicle? 

A: Typical admission is 2 people. However, there are scenarios with family units and dependents where the event can still accommodate your situation. When you fill out your vehicle survey request and state your wishes.

Q: I would like to attend this course, but can't make the posted dates. What can I do? 

A: You can request dates that you are able to be in the area. Individual and small group classes can be be organically created prior or post scheduled dates.

Q: Are all wheel drive vehicles (cars & UTVs) able to attend the course? 

A: Yes, however depending on the venue your ability to traverse and travel with the traditional 4X4 group may be limited. Let's have a conversation, you may best served with a 1-2 day private course. 


Reno, Nevada USA





September 9th


September 10th

Submit Below to Secure Your Spot!

Please submit your basic information below to start the securing process for 1 of the 15 spots available for this experience. We will respond with an event survey that includes a more detailed questionnaire, requirements and area information. Event spots are processed in the order they are submitted. 

See you in Reno!

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