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David Chappelle
Off Road professional, Media Personality, Fabricator & Builder

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Self inflicting workaholic.

I have been the Co-host of Motortrend‘s Dirt EveryDay known as Dirthead for 4 years now getting to build crazy rigs, go on wild rides, and see some amazing

places. I am also part of The Ultimate Adventure Crew that drives, navigates, fixes and runs the trails for the event. I have always flocked to the oddball, underpowered, and generally unsupported vehicles.

Never been much of a racer. Or at least a very good one.  Co drove and crew chief for a few years of Ultra 4 racing. 

My automotive roots are mostly in Low Riders, mini trucks, and rock crawlers.

Fabrication of suspension, chassis, bumpers, roll cage/tube work are what I enjoy most when it comes to building a vehicle.


-I’ll take gearing over horsepower.

-I’ll generally take the weird import over the popular domestic.

-I’ll usually try an untested suspension idea out firsthand so that when someone asks I can give an honest answer.

Learn more about Dave here on his video explaining his origins in the dirt world and his continued trajectory to new adventures!

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