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Welcome to Hoplite Venturetrek!

Hoplite Venturetrek is a multi-focused and talented gathering of off road and backcountry professionals. With a robust and storied lineage in the off road rock crawling, dirt sport, racing, design, fabrication, media and industry influence arenas. Offering education, adventure, trail guides, medical support and products that reenforce the community and lifestyle. Whos our clients? People and companies of all experience levels that seek the talents of our team to bolster their journey, knowledge and skills to successfully navigate off grid pursuits!

Beyond motorized centered courses and services, Hoplite Venturetrek also has several other unique offerings. Clifton Slay hires out as an event paramedic to support race teams, wilderness adventures, media and gatherings in austere and remote environments.  Additionally, we host K9 and non working dog backcountry emergency courses that include CPR and common and improvised treatment for our best adventure companions. You can follow our cadre's instagram and YouTube channels for the latest skills tips, happenings, builds and entertainment! 


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Have a question about about training availability, events, products, reservations or input? Please e-mail us at



Off road history interview with Clifton Slay by Big Rich covering the genesis of rock crawling, former companies and industry lineage. 

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